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Are you new to the area or looking to change Practice?  We would be happy to help you.  Have a look at the new patients tab at the top of this page on how to register online or speak to the reception staff.


You can make an appointment now for your flu immunisation at our clinics which start from 27 September - beat the rush and get in early this year!  As usual, we will send out letters to eligible patients and anyone age 65+ will get their invite direct from the Scottish Government, but you don't need to wait for your letter to book an appointment! 

If you are not sure if you are eligible for a flu immunisation, click on the following link -         Immunisation Scotland - Flu for more information. 

n.b. All primary school children will receive their vaccine in school between October and December.  If your child has a health condition, they no longer need to get their immunisation from the Surgery as they will be included at school.


Patients are eligible for the shingles vaccine in the year that they turn 70 years old.  There is also a catch-up programme for people who missed out on the vaccine in previous years. 

If, on 1 September 2016, you are aged 70, 71, 72, 73, 76, 77, 78 or 79 you are eligible for the vaccination this year.  Patients aged 74 and 75 will be offered the vaccine in the future. 

People aged 80 and over will not be offered the shingles immunisation because the vaccine is less effective as people get older.

This is a one-off vaccine and you will not need it again.  It can also be given at the same time as your flu immunisation, but you need to let the receptionist know when you are booking your flu appointment if you want to get your shingles at the same time so the nursing team have enough time during the appointment to give you both vaccines.

For more information, click on the following link Immunisation Scotland - Shingles



"The best way to treat common colds, cough or sore throats is plenty of fluids, rest and painkillers if needed, not antibiotics."

Bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, keep antibiotics working for serious infections.

find out more here:

Antibiotic Resistance Leaflet


Rather than asking for an antibiotic, ask your Pharmacist about effective treatments to relieve your cold, cough or sore throat.  For more information see leaflet below -

Patient leaflet.pdf

or visit - 



Marie Curie are there for you and your family with the information and support every step of the way.

When you've been told that you are ill, and that you may not get better, how you choose to live the life you have becomes more important than ever. Marie Curie can help you and your loved ones find the information and support you need to get the most from the time you have.  

Call the Marie Curie Support Line

0800 090 2309

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm



You don't need to switch off your mobile 'phone in the waiting room, but please be courteous to other patients and maybe keep it on silent. We do ask that you don't answer your 'phone or text etc during your consultation with the Nurse/GP/Midwife and that you refrain from doing this until you leave the consultation room.


Due to the number of patients failing to attend appointments, it may be that you are not able to see the Doctor/Nurse on the day that you wish to. In an attempt to try and resolve this, the Surgery has developed the following policy -

If you repeatedly fail to attend appointments you may be removed from this practice list and required to find an alternative doctor.

If you cannot attend your appointments for any reason please let us know as soon as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice. We can then offer the appointment to someone else.

If you are late for an appointment, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen - This will be a decision made by the doctor/nurse your appointment is with. Please do not book an appointment if you now you might struggle to arrive on time.

Thank you for your co-operation.


 If you have any problem with your eyes, you should see an Optician first rather than making an appointment with one of the Doctors. The Opticians are able to give you a more thorough eye examination and they also have specialised equipment to examine your eyes in more detail. If you need medical treatment for an eye condition, the optician may refer you to the eye clinic at the hospital. The optician will tell you and your doctor about this.

Opticians are often open in the evenings and over weekends, which means you would be seen and treated sooner.

Remember that if you are a UK resident, you can get a free NHS eye

examination in Scotland. This is not just to test your sight – it’s a thorough examination to:

  • check the health of your eyes

  • find any eye problems before they become more serious

  • look for signs of other health problems.

You can get your eyes examined free of charge by any Optician who provides NHS services. For further details -




Did you know that appointments with your Doctor are for 10 minutes only, and telephone appointments are 5 minutes?  

To get the best out of your consultation, let us deal with one problem per appointment, or at the most two. If you think you may not be able to discuss everything during a single 10 minute appointment, we ask that you book a double appointment, where available.  

Please also remember to make a separate appointment for each person to be seen – only one patient can be seen per appointment, so please do not ask the receptionist or doctor to fit in extras. 

Our telephone appointments can also be booked in advance. All we need are your contact details and ask that you are available to receive the call at the booked time. Missed telephone appointments need to be rescheduled as the Doctor will only try ‘phoning you once.  

We make every effort to run to time, but need your help to achieve this! 

If you repeatedly fail to attend appointments, you may be removed from the Practice list and you will need to find an alternative doctor.

If you cannot attend your appointments, please let us know as soon as possible, preferably giving at least 24hours notice, so we can offer the appointment to someone else. 




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