If you have any problem with your eyes, you should see an Optician first rather than making an appointment with one of the Doctors. The Opticians are able to give you a more thorough eye examination and they also have specialised equipment to examine your eyes in more detail. If you need medical treatment for an eye condition, the optician may refer you to the eye clinic at the hospital. The optician will tell you and your doctor about this.

Opticians are often open in the evenings and over weekends, which means you would be seen and treated sooner.

Remember that if you are a UK resident, you can get a free NHS eye

examination in Scotland. This is not just to test your sight – it’s a thorough examination to:

  • check the health of your eyes

  • find any eye problems before they become more serious

  • look for signs of other health problems.

You can get your eyes examined free of charge by any Optician who provides NHS services. For further details -


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