Your local pharmacy can now prescribe antibiotics for a common urine infection if you are a non pregnant female aged between 16-65.

The pharmacist will have a short private consultation with you to make sure you are eligible for them to prescribe the antibiotic. If you do meet the criteria you will be prescribed medication there and then without you having to see your GP/Practice Nurse.

See below for the local pharmacies in the Inverness area that will be able to carry out this service:

Dalneigh Pharmacy, 30 Laurel Avenue
Lochardil Pharmacy, Morven Road
Park Rowlands, Balloan Road
Culloden Rowlands, Keppoch Road
Forbes Rowlands, Grant Street
Boots the Chemist, Retail Park
Boots the Chemist, Eastgate Centre
Boots the Chemist, Southside Road
Lloyds Pharmacy, Greig Street
Lloyds Pharmacy, Riverside
Great Glen Pharmacy, Drumnadrochit


Urine Specimens for Infection:

Woman - Hold back your labia (entrance to the vagina)

Men - pull back your foreskin

Patients with Catheters - using aseptic technique, drain a few mls of urine, then collect a sample from catheter sampling port then fill the container as described below.

For all urine samples please follow the steps below: 

  • Ensure the urine container has either your patient label on it, or it is clearly marked with name, date of birth etc. 

  • Pass some urine in the toilet. Then, without stopping the flow of urine, catch some urine in the sterile container or straight into the urine container provided. 

  • Fill up to the line on the container and replace the lid securely. DO NOT overfill the container as this can result in leakage and your specimen will not be processed. Place container in bag provided and seal bag. 

  • Wash hands with soap and water, rinse and dry. 

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