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Due to a successful University application, we are losing a member of our team so are recruiting for a fulltime receptionist/admin assistant.

If you can cope with being on your feet and having to multitask, you need to apply!  See link for application pack.  Closing date Friday 5 August – good luck!

Vacancy Receptionist Admin


PUBLIC HOLIDAYS - We are closed on MONDAY 1 AUGUST 2022.  If you are ordering a prescription over the weekend, remember and leave an extra day before going to the pharmacy as we are closed on the Friday!

'PHONE 111.......

  • 'Phone 111 if you think you need A&E, but it is not a critical emergency

  • 'Phone 111 before you attend A&E.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • This service will provide you with urgent care you will be assessed for a range of concerns including cuts, burns, suspected broken bones, sprains and other injuries or illnesses;

  • This may involve a telephone or video consultation with a clinician from Highland Health Board or an appointment to attend A&E.


  • For life or limb-threatening emergencies

  • This might include a suspected heart attack or stroke, severe breathing difficulties, severe bleeding or severe injury.


If you are considering going for a private consultation/operation outwith the NHS, you should discuss this  with one of the Surgery GPs first so you know how much support you can expect to have from us afterwards.  Please book a routine 'phone appointment to speak to a GP.


Many of us travel abroad particularly now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, but before you contact us it is important that you check out the information below. Fit for Travel has a wealth of information to make your plans easier and prepare for safe travel whilst enjoying your travel whether that is business or pleasure. It is important that you get the right advice at the right time and at the right place before you travel.

To find out about the vaccinations you may require, visit the Fit for Travel website –

If you cannot access Fit For Travel website, you can ‘phone 0800 224488

Scottish Government has advised that GP practices will no longer provide some vaccinations, and travel immunisations are included in this.  For the next few months, we will only provide the following vaccinations for foreign travel –

  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis A
  • Paratyphoid
  • Polio
  • Smallpox
  • Typhoid

You will be offered these vaccines based on the recommendations and your individual risk assessment for the country you are travelling to and the type of travel you are undertaking.

Other travel vaccinations are provided at a cost to the traveller. Travel clinics will discuss these costs fully with you and you can decide to have these vaccines from a private provider of your choice. You can find local travel clinics via the NHS inform website.


LOCAL TRAVEL CLINICS (in no particular order, and others are available!) -

Dalneigh Pharmacy -

Tornagrain Pharmacy –

Alert Health –

Superdrug Health Clinic –

Boots Travel Health –

Lochardil Pharmacy


NHS Inform Travel and Vaccination Guide

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Foreign Travel Advice


The Scottish Government requires General Practice and other healthcare settings to have different infection control and physical distancing guidance to other places such as hospitality and shops. 

This is to help reduce the risk to Surgery staff and to everyone attending the Surgery who may be at greater risk if they catch COVID 19.

The following rules still apply in General Practice:

  • wearing of face coverings by patients unless you are medically exempt.

  • wearing of PPE by staff.

  • screening of all patients for COVID 19 symptoms – please contact the practice by telephone if you have symptoms before your appointment.

Please support your Surgery by complying with this guidance.



Distance Aware badges and lanyards are for anyone who prefers others to take extra care around them for any reason.

You might be worried about missing with others as we adapt to living with the virus, or you might just feel more comfortable when you have more room.

You can pick up a free Distance Aware badge or lanyard from libraries and most Asda stores.  You can also order a badge or lanyard online from some charities though they may charge you a small fee.

For further details visit (scroll to the bottom of their page)

Spring 2022 Covid Vaccination programme

Invites have been sent to patients over 75 years old inviting them to come forward for their 4th Covid vaccination. If you have received an appointment letter from NHS Scotland, and the appointment is not convenient please contact the NHS Highland Vaccination Enquiry Hub (08000 320 339) who will be happy to assist with rescheduling an appointment to a more convenient location and/or time. NHS Highland recognises that locations and opening hours may not be suitable so clinics are currently still being arranged across the region. Please note patients are being appointed in line with the national guidance of 24weeks post last vaccination.

 GP Practices have no input or influence on clinics and appointments and will be unable to assist. Should you wish to raise a concern/complaint you should also contact the local Enquiry Hub as per above where the team will be happy to assist or send a concern/complaint to the Feedback team as per NHS Highland process.

Patients who are registered as being housebound will be contacted and vaccinated at home in due course. If a patient receives an appointment to attend a clinic and cannot attend because they are housebound, they should email or call the Enquiry Hub on 08000 320 339 where the team will be able to help.

Booster Vaccination Update (including booking appointments) -


For the most up to date information, please use NHS Inform - NHS INFORM



We have made some changes to the way we work to ensure we are best protecting and caring for all of our patients and staff.  Patients should not come to the surgery, but should telephone us.  Staff will take details and add you either to your usual doctor/nurse ‘phone back list or to the Duty Doctor. It is important that you give staff the reason for your call so they can get the best care for you.  A member of the clinical team (doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or physiotherapist) will ‘phone you back to work out the best care for you.  Please note we will only try 'phoning you twice - if we don't get an answer after trying a couple of times, you will need to 'phone us back.  Remember that our number will come up on your 'phone as "withheld" or "private" so you need to answer!  They might be able to deal with an issue during the ‘phone call or they can arrange for a video consultation with you or arrange to see you at an appointment in the Surgery.  Our waiting room has reduced capacity and can now only have a maximum of 6 patients in the room.  Please don’t turn up at the surgery without ‘phoning us first.

If we do ask you to come to the Surgery, please note the following points- 

  • please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment, if possible. This is to reduce your waiting time either in your car or in the waiting room and minimise risks.

  • on arrival, either telephone us from your car so we know you have arrived, or press the buzzer at the front door and speak to a member of staff through the intercom.

  • if possible, attend your appointment alone as this reduces the number of people coming into the Surgery. This does not include a parent attending with a child or patients who require a carer, but please limit this to one accompanying person.  




There are 6.5million carers providing unpaid care to relatives or friends who couldn't manage without their support.  Carers UK have published new guidance to support carers with - 

  • welfare benefits and other financial help
  • practical help, breaks from caring and wellbeing
  • rights in the workplace
  • directory of further support

You can download a copy of this by click on the link Looking After Someone


NHS Highland has now set up a waiting list queries telephone helpline for patients. Currently this is only for those on the Orthopaedic waiting list. The number has been sent to all patients on the waiting list. 

  1. Patients who have any queries about their waiting times etc. should call the helpline (0800 0280492 open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) 

  1. Patients who feel their orthopaedic condition is deteriorating should call the helpline who will pass details on to the Orthopaedic clinical team for evaluation/re-assessment (including Orthopaedics requesting any further imaging that is deemed necessary).

  1. Patients with worsening pain from their orthopaedic condition may require to discuss their pain relief with their GP, but patients should also contact the helpline as per 2. above. 


There is currently an issue with Hotmail and Gmail accounts and we suspect Hotmail and Gmail have blacklisted our domain temporarily.

Emails from other providers such as apple, aol are all working as expected and patients with those email addresses are not affected. It is frustrating as the resolution is out of our control as we can't control the recipient side of things.

We are in contact with the companies to try to get this resolved and to ask them to unblock our email address.  However, again, we aren't in control of this. It's down to them to review our account and whitelist our address.


Pharmacy First is where your local Pharmacist can give you advice (no appointment needed, but you could also 'phone) and provide you with medicine, if needed, without having to attend the Surgery and get a prescription.  You can get help for things like acne, cold sores, cough, earache, eczema, head lice, hay fever, indigestion, period pain, warts and verrucas to name a few!

Pharmacists, like GPs, can only provide certain medicines and products on the NHS. All of these are proven to be effective in treating your condition.  If you want a specific medicine or product, you may need to buy it. The pharmacist will give you advice on this.

Some pharmacists have an additional prescribing qualification which allows them to prescribe a wider range of medicines, normally only available from your GP practice.  Thanks for taking time to read this - you will be glad to know you are at the end of this now!  Links mentioned are all listed below - 


We are pleased to let you know that our boundary has been extended and we can now accept registrations from addresses up to the canal which includes the Bught, Ballifeary, Dalneigh and Merkinch areas and heading east as far as Culloden Academy, including Moray Park Avenue, Moray Park Terrace, Moray Park Wynd, Woodside Farm Drive and Heights of Woodside. 

Our previous boundary areas are all still included too - Citadel, town centre, Millburn, Crown, Raigmore, Inshes, Milton of Leys, Cradlehall, Culloden, Resaurie, Westhill, Smithton, Easter Muckovie, Culcabock, Drakies, Hilton, Milton, Castle Heather, Drummond, Lochardil, Holm, Culduthel, Druid Temple, Holm Dell to name a few! 

Speak to reception or email reception if you need clarification.


The Active Health project aims to support people to become more active as a way of improving health and wellbeing.  You can self refer to this and it is for anyone who would benefit from being more physically active.  A Link Worker will meet with you to discuss motivation, interests and will help you set goals and form an activity plan, if you would like one, and then check in on how you are getting on.  We all know that changing habits can be a really hard thing to do but the Link Workers will support you to work out what sort of activity would best fit with your lifestyle and be sustainable.  They can also facilitate introductions to other agencies and organisations who deliver activity based services.

For more information, contact Active Health direct -


Are you new to the area or looking to change Practice?  We would be happy to help you.  You can register by clicking here or call the Surgery to speak to the reception staff.  Please remember and check that your address is within our boundary first.

MOVING HOUSE OR LOOKING TO REGISTER WITH US?  Please check our boundary area!

For new and existing patient frequently asked questions, Click here for more information - please contact the Surgery and we will happily check your new address for you.


For information on prescriptions click on the tab above or simply click here to order yours.

The prescription service is a 48 hour turnaround or 72 hours if you want your prescription sent to a chemist. We will no longer check if your prescription is ready if the 48 hours have not elapsed - please do not 'phone the Surgery to check if your prescription has been signed!

Please remember, when there are public holidays and weekends, the service is 2 working days to process requests so please don't allow yourself to run out of medicines

Avoid the hassle and save time with your repeat prescriptions! Ask your pharmacist about the Chronic Medication Service

Click here for more information: CMS Leaflet


We now have a Physiotherapist, Emma Cameron, who is available for appointments in the Surgery on Wednesdays and Fridays.  If you are age 16+, you can book a direct appointment with the reception staff to see Emma instead of making a GP appointment – no referral needed from your GP and you don’t need to fill out any forms either. 


This service gives patients improved access to assessment for musculoskeletal symptoms affecting your joints, bones, muscles and soft tissue conditions.  Emma can also provide cortisone steroid injections for shoulders, knees and hands.


Emma can provide diagnosis, self-management advice, exercises as well as onward referrals and investigations such as x rays and blood tests. She can arrange medication, if required, following assessment. At your appointment she will assess your symptoms and discuss your treatment options. She can answer any questions and help you decide how best to manage your condition.


To make an appointment, simply ask reception staff for a physio appointment.


Following a change to our 'phone system, please note that our 'phone number is now automatically withheld for all outgoing calls from the Surgery.  This means that when we 'phone you, it may come up on the 'phone as "no caller ID" or "withheld", for example.  If we are unable to get you on the 'phone, we will send you a letter asking you to make a 'phone appointment.  Please don't 'phone the Surgery assuming that any withheld numbers are from us as we will write to you if we were trying to get in contact.


Patients who do not arrive for their booked appointments results in an increase in waiting time for appointments and frustration for both staff and patients.  If you cannot make it to your pre-booked appointment then please let us know a minimum of 4 hours before the appointment time so we can give the appointment to another patient.

Southside Road Surgery has a policy for dealing with persistent non-attendance and which could result in a patient being removed from our list and having to find another doctor.  Due to the amount of lost appointments, we will now start writing to patients once they have failed to attend pre-booked appointments on 2 occasions.  Full details of our policy can be found here: DNA POLICY


You don't need to switch off your mobile 'phone in the waiting room, but please be courteous to other patients and maybe keep it on silent. We do ask that you don't answer your 'phone or reply to texts etc during your appointment (yes, this happens!) and that you refrain from doing this until you leave the consultation room.


Please see our updated Privacy Statement following the General Data Protection Regulation act that has come into force from 25 May 2018. Privacy Statement 


Cervical Screening is routinely offered every 3 years to eligible individuals (that is, anyone with a cervix, including women, trans men and/or nonbinary people) between 25 and 49 years of age and every 5 years to eligible individuals between 50 and 64 years of age plus 364 days.

Individuals on non-routine screening (where screening results have shown changes that require further investigation/follow-up) will be invited up to 70 years of age.


Individuals under the age of 25 who had already been invited for a test before the age range change on the 6 June 2016 will continue to be invited for screening regardless of

whether the recall date is before or after the individual reaches 25 years and regardless of whether the individual attended for screening or not.


Screening tests will not be taken for individuals who have only registered in Scotland for the first time from 6 June 2016 and are under the age of 25.


Further information can be found at


Did you know that your local pharmacy may be able to prescribe antibiotics for your urine infection without you having to see your GP/Practice Nurse?

If you are a non pregnant female aged between 16-65, and you think you may have a urine infection, depending on the criteria you may be able to get antibiotics from your pharmacist.

Click Here for more information.


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